Ventilation in agricultural process

Agriculture: dedicated ventilation solutions

Grains conservation after harvest requires to limit the degradation processes, linked to the combination of three factors: temperature, oxygen content and humidity. Without control of storage conditions,
production losses can sometimes be significant.
NEU-JKF Fevi, designs fans, getting involved in the study and definition of suitable ventilation solutions.

Ventilation adapted to storage conditions

Critical data

In order to ensure an ideal storage cycle for grains and cereals, it is essential to control ventilation. Ventilation of storage ensures ideal conditions: temperature, humidity and oxygen content, thus limiting degradation phenomena. (molds, insects, micro-organisms and germination).

To meet the expectations of farmers, grain producers, storage organizations and offer them suitable fans, it is essential to take their needs into account: robustness, ease of use, handling and cost.

Fans designed for agriculture

NEU-JKF Fevi has designed the AGRIC'AIR range, mobile centrifugal fan which meets most of the ventilation needs for grain stored in cells or silos.
Simple, robust, reliable and economical, it is also easy to handle (mounted on wheels) to ensure successive ventilation of different storage areas. With sealed motors and coated with an anti-rust coating, AGRIC'AIR fans are equipped with an intake grille and are designed to be placed outdoors.
Available in 8 engines from 2.2 kW to 22 kW, the AGRIC'AIR NG range covers air flow rates from 5,000 to 20,000 m3/h. For specific needs, NEU-JKF Fevi also has custom-made fans to meet your sizing criteria.

A sizing software

In partnership with ARVALIS, NEU-JKF Fevi has developed its own software for sizing fans for ventilation and aeration of grain in storage.

A set of parameters is taken into account and refined to perfect the calculation, such as the nature of the grain (Wheat, Barley, Maize, Rapeseed, peas), the dimensions and shapes of the silos, the air distribution system, the humidity rate or the specific weight of the selected grain.

We then determine the ideal sizing of the fan ensuring optimal ventilation.

Standard or tailor-made: NEU-JKF Fevi ventilation solutions

In addition to the AGRIC'AIR NG range, NEU-JKF Fevi is at your disposal to define the ideal aeraulics solution that will meet your requirements.

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