Food industry

Fans designed to the food industry requirements

The food industry is a naturally demanding sector where the regulations in force are strong.
NEU-JKF Fevi brings its know-how and experience from the design stage, making it possible to offer the fan that meets the desired aeraulic performance.

Considering the global request

Regulations and know-how

Standards are very present in this sector. The design of our fans takes into account all of these regulations to fully meet the needs they require. Among others:

- Sealing of welds,
- Choice of materials according to the environment in which they are found: stainless steels, specific coatings ...
- Methodology during manufacturing: quality of welds, passivation on stainless steels ...
- IP class (for electrical equipment)
- Fire resistance for some fume extraction applications on kitchen hoods, etc.

Case by case

We take into account the three main types of food environment:

- Humidity: all of our products meet the requirements of non-toxicity, compatibility and non-absorption of materials.

- Hot atmosphere: control of hygiene problems and expansion constraints.

- Cold atmosphere: corrosion, resistance of accessories to variations in resistant mechanical torques.

Appropriate solutions and accessories

Food industry requires a specific selection of accessories that are fitted to the fans:

- Grease type
- Bearings (maintenance free)
- Resistance to significant temperature variations
- IP coating and sealing class

Other technological choices are possible. The NEU-JKF Fevi teams remain at your disposal to offer you the appropriate solution.

High performance fans for your food processes

NEU-JKF Fevi offers solutions dedicated to food environments. Particular attention is paid to testing and performance before shipment.

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