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Accessories and options for fans

A set of complementary solutions to meet customer needs

In addition to its aeraulic performance, the fan can integrate equipments required by the specifications. Whether dimensional, acoustic, flow modulation, maintenance access or others, NEU-JKF Fevi offers all the corresponding accessories and options.

Acoustic and thermal insulation

The noise level is a critical component of the overall performance of the fan. The sound levels measured on NEU-JKF Fevi fans are among the lowest available. To achieve even more efficient casing noise levels (connected device), the fans can then be fitted with sound insulation covering only the fan casing or the motor / fan assembly using soundproof covers. The technical studies carried out by NEU-JKF Fevi show the expected sound levels without sound insulation.

Our acoustic studies determine the density and thickness of the insulation required to meet emission levels. Moreover thermal insulation can be offered. Sizing and specific characteristics are carried out by a NEU-JKF Fevi computer to guarantee the desired temperature or to limit heat loss (dew point, etc.).


In order to complete our acoustic solutions and deal with inlet noise (free suction or noise in the discharge duct), we offer the following silencer technologies: circular, circular with bulb, rectangular with baffles, rectangular with baffles and plenum.

Sleeve and compensator

The connection of the fans to the ducts of the customer network is ensured by the installation of flexible sleeves, avoiding any mechanical effort on the flanges of the machine. The temperature can reach 350 °C, or 400 °C - during 2 hours. Depending on the application, the sleeves are protected by metal deflectors or even replaced by compensators.

Inlet guide vane

The inlet guide vane ensures a flow variation of the fan. It is placed directly on the suction side. Each opening angle corresponds to a new ventilation curve characteristic of the fan. NEU-JKF Fevi inlet guide vanes are integrated into the general ventilation calculation of the fan. The customer agrees on the desired control: electric actuator, positioner and / or pneumatic cylinder, etc.

Sliding pedestal

For maintenance operations in confined spaces, NEU-JKF Fevi has developed a clever process for accessing the rotor without having to remove the suction and discharge ducts. The complete shaft line do drive unit is mounted on rails: the impeller slides out of its casing. The intervention time is optimized while preserving the operator safety.

Suction chamber: the solution to aeraulic disturbances

NEU-JKF Fevi fans offer high ventilation efficiency. NEU-JKF Fevi designs a suction chamber to prevent a pressure loss elbow at the fan inlet and then optimise the aeraulic flow. This type of casing optimizes not only the airflow, but also the overall size of the fan.

Removable casing

During maintenance operations, easy access to the rotor is essential.
In order to avoid the removal of the upstream / downstream ducts, NEU-JKF Fevi proposes the partial dismantling of the fan casing to access the rotor.

Others components

  • Backstop
  • Parking brake

To meet specific operating conditions or to secure maintenance operations, it is necessary to set up different systems.

- Backstop: allows normal freewheeling. Locking is done mechanically at zero speed, preventing the rotor from rotating in the opposite direction.
- Parking brake: makes it possible to guarantee the immobility of the rotor, once the fan has stopped. It can be equipped with a position detector informing the operator.
- Washing device: integrated washing system allowing regular use or during untimely jams to clean the inside of the fan. This operation ensures the washing of the wheel without prior disassembly of the ducts.

Discover NEU-JKF Fevi fans for all industrial environments

In some processes, we face particular atmospheric conditions and environment. NEU-JKF Fevi takes these basic data into account to integrate them into its design.

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