fan tests

Tests and performances

Testing bench and performance check

Involved in its quality process and beyond the systematic mechanical tests, NEU-JKF Fevi provides its customers with the means to verify and validate the proposed aeraulic solutions but also to confirm the expected contractual performances.

The test bench in some words

Tests and measurements

# Fan tests

# Simulation bench for system pressure losses

# Measuring unit

# Sound level measurements

Tests and controls

# SCHENCK vibration analysis (pre-balanced rotors)
# COFREND penetrant testing Level II
# Temperature rise control of bearings
# Acoustic performance
# Sealing (shaft passage & envelope welds)
# Customer reception
# Additional tests on request (US, radio, magneto ..)

The test bench ensures the end of the fan manufacturing process. It guarantees the contractual data.

Legal requirements

Aeraulic performance

# In-house measurement: NF EN ISO 5801
# Type B circuit

Acoustic measurement

# ISO 13347-1
# Carcass noise: NF EN ISO 3746
# Suction noise: ISO 13347-3 (ex NFS31021) type B circuit

Standard balancing

# NF ISO 14694 class G6.3
# ISO 21940-11



# NF ISO 14694 / ISO 10816-3 (> 300 kW)
# Measures: ISO 14695
# Acceptance criteria: category BV3

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Field expertise

NEU-JKF Fevi team is able to provide on-site interventions, in France and abroad, to carry out adjustments and alignment operations as well as vibration measurements. In particular during revamping operations with partial replacement of critical components, such as rotors subject to significant abrasion phenomena.

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