Performance improvement

Fans: recover or increase their performances

The average lifetime of a fan can be several decades.
During this period, and beyond the recommended periodic maintenance, your fan will have to meet new efficiency or performance requirements. NEU-JKF Fevi Customer Service can help you to restore or
to increase the original performance of your fans, taking into account new operating conditions or increased production capacity.

Recover original characteristics - Revamping

Revamp your installation to its original characteristics. This will allow you to :
# Optimise your operating conditions by recovering the original mechanical and aeraulic configurations
# Increase its lifetime
# Anticipate failures that could affect production
# Comply with current standards and regulations.

Increase performance - Upgrading

After an expertise of your installation and a precise study of the new performance requirements, we identify and integrate the modifications relating to the new airflow data (motor power consumption, critical speed, resistance to wear, etc.). 

Performance improvement :
turnkey support

NEU-JKF Fevi provides all the services needed to improve the performance of your fans.

The different steps

1 - Definition of your needs and of the overall necessary modifications, after carrying out an expertise of your existing equipment.
2 - Study and identification of technological solutions
3 - Manufacturing within the requested time of the equipment and delivery on site.
4 - Supervision and on site work, including handling of the elements to be replaced.
5 - Commissioning with alignment, balancing and vibration measurements.
6 - Verification and control of expected performances at nominal operating conditions.
7 - Reporting with the new measured performances on site.

A customised Service Support

Case study

For a major industrial company, a complete fan in AISI 304L stainless steel instead of a fan equipped with a steel impeller (taking into account corrosion over time, condensation - dew point).

The installation of the new unit was made possible by the design of a casing in three parts. The casing is placed on a concrete foundation with a rotor between bearings, equipped with temperature sensors and automatic lubricators.

The customer's new expectations were taken into account: customised adaptation, availability, longevity and increased performances.

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