fan expertise

Aeraulic and mechanical expertise

Centrifugal or axial fans, standard or custom made

Why carry out an expertise?

A difference is made between aeraulic and mechanical expertise. These two types of expertise can be carried out in the same intervention or separately, depending on your needs. They may be required for:

- Verification of the original characteristics and performance (control of energy drifts). 
- Integration of potential process changes. 

On site, the NEU-JKF Fevi technician analyses all the parameters and proposes the most suitable solution.

Mechanical expertise

Mechanical expertise is proposed to check the condition of all the equipment in the installation, to detect possible problems and to understand and anticipate the failure of mechanical parts.

Aeraulic expertise

The aeraulic expertise is proposed to measure speeds, static and dynamic pressures and flow rates at different points upstream/downstream of the fan, comparing them with reference values.

Aeraulic and mechanical expertise, how does it work?

The NEU-JKF Fevi expert carries out the required checks on site thanks to appropriate portable measuring equipment. He then draws up a report, which is the first step of recommendation for necessary repair, implementation of a maintenance programme or performance improvement.

Original or non-original equipment

Thanks to their extensive experience in aeraulic and their interventions in all situations, our technicians can work on original NEU-JKF Fevi equipment or not. 

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