fan commissioning


Follow-up of our commitments

The NEU-JKF Fevi teams support you in carrying out your project, and will commission your fans on site.

Your fan will then be able to ensure optimum availability from the first hours of operation.

  • fan erection supervision
  • fan tests
  • controle ventilateur

A range of commissioning services

The proposed commissioning ensures the quality and a wide range of operations, including

- Supervision of assembly operations upon receipt of the fans on site.
- Rotating tests and pre-commissioning tests (alignment and vibration measurements)
- Final commissioning in normal running conditions with control of all parameters
- Assistance in setting alarm thresholds and reporting measurements to the control room.

Commissioning follow-up

Once your fan has been commissioned by our team, it will immediately be able to operate at its optimum conditions. The detailed commissioning report includes all the tests and measurements carried out. These results are recorded electronically and enable us to respond to any further requests you may have, such as the implementation of performance monitoring and predictive maintenance.

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